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Winscribe’s speech productivity solutions enable fee earners and other legal professionals to organise their time more efficiently and to work in more flexible and productive ways. WS offers mobile, web-based and server-based digital dictation, speech recognition and legal documentation workflow management solutions that help fee earners produce documentation faster and more accurately, while protecting the security of sensitive client information.

Legal Solutions

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Dictation Management

Whether you are on the move between different sites, attending client meetings, at court hearings, at home or in your office, you need a dictation solution that is flexible and accommodates your working environment – in order to keep productivity at a high level. Winscribe’s dictation and mobile speech productivity solutions allow you to dictate your work, anywhere and at any time. Support staff receive the dictated jobs instantly, enabling them to transcribe work as quickly as they receive it. Winscribe Dictation enables you to know each jobs’ status, and the system can be configured to identify and remedy bottlenecks in the production process, increasing workflow efficiency at your firm.

With Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Winscribe Speech Recognition (WSR) works in conjunction with  Dictation and converts spoken words to text, resulting in significantly faster document turnaround time for legal professionals. WSR utlises the latest Microsoft and Dragon speech recognition technology, and it works by using a combination of pre-loaded topics (dictionaries), built-in commands and adaptive learning technology that enable fast, intelligent and accurate voice recognition. With this technology, fee earners can create legal materials simply by talking, rather than typing. Firms can also streamline client and case documentation to improve overall productivity, reduce transcription costs and time, and centrally manage the system firm-wide.

More Key Benefits for Legal

Winscribe’s speech productivity solutions enable fee earners and other legal professionals to organise their time more efficiently and to work in more flexible and productive ways, while reducing overhead.

Secure transmission of sensitive client data and centralized management

Faster and more efficient creation of legal documents

Improve client service and boost revenue 

Flexible recording options – dictate any time and from anywhere

Real-time monitoring and reporting for improved outcomes

Integrate with

other information

management systems

Flexible Licensing Options

In order to meet the diverse needs of organisations both large and small, Winscribe offers its clients flexible options for software acquisition.

For clients who wish to host and manage the software in their own data center, Winscribe’s software can be acquired through traditional licensing.

Alternatively, clients can elect to subscribe to Cedere Cloud Services, (Dictation Anyhwere), a Software as a Service offering whereby the software and servers are managed by Cedere– enabling your firm to save on IT resources. 

Cedere is?

Dutch partners Cedere are a tightly knit team of experts with a passion. Working in an open, no-nonsense culture, they join their know-how in developing new technologies designed to do just one thing: helping you work faster and smarter. Co-operation is the key word. Co-operation with our partners, ICT departments, your staff and yourself.

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